Why Hire Me?

Is your business growing? Do you want to spend more time on what you’re passionate about? Are you falling behind in your online marketing? Are you so busy you’re struggling to get your blog posts out? What about finding the most cost-friendly travel accommodations? The little details no one wants to clean up is where I thrive!

I’m a very organized individual with a typing speed of 70 wpm with a go-getting attitude in life. In my employment history I’ve done customer support, sales, marketing products as well as hands on support with clients in their day-to-day lives. As I’ve branched into the online market I’ve been able to break into social media marketing and doing online support with data entry, editing and proofreading content, live chat support, transcribing, time management, online research, and many office administration tasks such as scheduling, booking flights and accommodations and customizing your day to be easier for you is what I’m great at. Let me help you!